Motif Album Cover
Motif was released in 2012. It was recorded live and then cut and edited in the studio to reduce “live” noise. The result is an album with a live performance feel, but with the cleanliness and clarity of a studio recording.

Motif is a 42-minute composition with 7 movements, performed seamlessly from start to finish. It is intended to be listened to through it’s entirety, however it has been broken into 7 tracks to make it easy to play your favorite tracks.

There is a wonderful flow to Motif, making it perfect for playing while doing your practice or hobby. It has many complex rhythms and driving beats, along with flowing harmonies and melodies.

The theme of Motif is what you would expect from an album that is called “Motif”. There are several recurring themes in each movement, presented with a variety of supporting parts, grooves, harmonies, and even time signatures.

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