The Art of Live Looping

The Art Of Live Looping Cover
The Art of Live Looping is Matthew’s second album. It has a series of original compositions and features a few guest artists, including Ottmar Liebert (Flamenco Guitar), Matthew Charles Heulitt (Electric Guitar), and Robin Sukhadia (tabla). Every piece was recorded live and is presented to you uncut, thus showcasing the art of live looping in it’s true form.

The pieces range from upbeat and groovy, to slow and melodic. “A New Journey”, “Dark Seduction”, and “Light at the End of the Tunnel” are a few of many favorites on this album.

The Art of Live Looping was released in 2008, and is roughly an hour in length. There are 9 pieces, including “All White”, which is an original piece that Matthew wrote many years ago. The challenge was to write a piece on the piano that uses only the white keys. Matthew showcases his piano, percussion, and cello techniques on this piece.

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