“Matthew had me at the first note! His music opens you and can make you vulnerable in a way I never knew possible. It’s as if you can see every note and feel every chord. And watching him perform is a sight to behold. There is truly an art to live looping and I am humbled by his mastery.”
Mark Steines, Entertainment Tonight

“Matthew Schoening has expanded the range of his instrument and his music through the creative, intelligent and artful synthesis of modern technology and soul.”
-Ned Steinberger, NS Design

“Matthew’s performance embodies artful innovation. Creatively combining talent and technology, he transports his audience beyond traditional artform and pioneers new frontiers of self-expression.”
-Jeff Van Fossen, CodaBow

“In addition to his impressive technical command of the cello, Matthew has a gift for innovation, improvising on-the-fly while manifesting a rich, warm musicality that is rare among artists employing special effects.”
-Greg Cahill, Strings magazine, editor

“Matthew Schoening, quite simply put, is one of the most exciting representations of the electric cello and live looping on the planet. I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying his original compositions for many years!”
-Greg Gorman, Greg Gorman Photography

“Matthew bridges the gap between science and art with a display of musicality and delicate performance, through technologically advanced techniques, while holding a thorough understanding of both worlds.”
-Alan Rosen, Owner/CEO Bananas at Large

“Matthew Schoening is a extremely talented and innovative musician, striving to share his love for music with anyone who is interested. Matthew introduced me to the concept of looping and coached me as I explored the new musical possibilities. While teaching, he is patient and encouraging and gives you the space to discover things on your own, but also offers suggestions on where to start and what to keep in mind in the process of composing. He is friendly and amazingly generous with his time. Matthew really is the expert in his field, with a musical and technological background that led him to truly unique musical creations.”
-Sophia Borgias, Cellist and student

“Beyond his great leadership and focused performance presence, Matthew excels at guiding musicians to expand their sonic vocabulary with friendly and direct instruction.”
-“Dusty Circuits”, musician (Children of Time)

“No matter how many times I hear Matthew perform, I find myself relaxed and inspired; the room expands and I seem pulled from my body by what I hear. Listening to him live leaves me feeling more clear in my mind and heart.”
-Rick Hardin, singer-songwriter