Technical Rider

  • 3’x3′ minimum space on the stage or floor to set up his instrument and pedal board comfortably
  • Cushioned stool or cushioned armless chair that is 20″ – 23″ tall
  • Single grounded, USA style plug at 110v-120v. This plug should be within 2′ of where Matthew will be set up. If there is no plug near by, stage-colored extension chords may be used
  • A stereo PA is Ideal. Matthew uses effects and techniques that take advantage of stereo imaging
  • Full Range Sound System. Matthew sends deep “kick drum” percussion, bass lines, mid-range sounds, and higher frequency sounds all from a single stereo audio source
  • Stereo XLR Mic Level Inputs. Matthew uses a Radial ProD2 Stereo DI that is built into his pedal board. All sound comes out of this stereo output. Left and Right XLR and Mic Level, so pre-amps are required on the mixer for both channels
  • A talk-back microphone; SM58 or similar on a boom stand is required for talking to the audience. Matthew does not sing
  • A single Stage-Monitor for Monitoring
  • Ambient multi-color wash lighting for the background, with focused spotlights where Matthew is seated
  • Matthew enjoys allowing people creative freedom with lighting, as long as it is not distracting from the performance
Green Room / Musicians Lounge:
  • A simple quiet place to change and rest with a couch, or comfortable chair is sufficient
  • Bottled water
  • Food to be arranged per event